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Forceful man: no matter what nationality you are ...

2001-07-30 00:00:00

Jose Carreras came to Moscow. To sing, of course. TransSib (Transsiberian railroad) turned 100. At sources of TransSib stood a Spaniard, Carreras' compatriot. Compatriots of a feather... well, you understand. It was impossible not to sing! We arrived in Baltchug hotel, where Carreras stayed, and had a talk with him. Not attempting to sing.

ROL (Russia Online): We are happy to meet with you personally. We know that you will appear at the concert, dedicated to the 100-anniversary of TransSib. Are you going to sing something special?

Jose Carreras: Yes. Taking into account that a Spaniard started the ball rolling, there will be several songs in Spanish.

ROL: It is rumored that in September you will again come to Moscow with a concert program...

JC: Yes, it is possible. But it is too early to speak about this so far. Now everything is in process of negotiations. But if everything comes out, I will with pleasure come here again.

ROL: When Nikolai Baskov appeared in Spain with his concert program, you were enraptured by this young singer, visited all his concerts, and many times met with him personally. What can you say about him? What fate would you prophesy for him?

JC: O, I remember. I remember. Nikolai has a great potential. Powerful and excellent voice. He himself is a clever and promising young person. I can only wish him great success!

ROL: You traveled all over the world. You must have favorite places.

JC: All places are good. What really matters is not where you are, but with whom you are, and what you do! My privilege is that wherever I am, I do what I love to do: I sing. But, nevertheless, I must give prominence to Spain. It is my native country. It has the best climate, excellent nature, good food. All this is fine combined with each other. Well, and of course, Barcelona, my native city. But generally all the Mediterranean is magnificent!

ROL: As a Spaniard, you must very well know the meaning of the expression 'boiling blood'?

JC (laughs): I think that the most important is to have an essential cell in the blood. I know it very well. It is incorrect to consider that being a southerner always means to be more energetic, more forceful. In reality it is not necessarily so. What matters is a person itself and that very cell.

ROL: You trio with Pavarotti and Domingo imprinted itself in people's minds forever. Are you going to sing together again?

JC: Why, of course! Already in the following year we are going to sing again in the same composition. And I think, we will sing as long as we know people need it, and the response exists.

The interview came to its close. As always, there was little time. Jose Carreras had to prepare for the appearance. We rejoice with those, who heard him that Saturday evening.

Text: Anastasiya Novikova

Translation Maria Kozlova

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