Moskovsky Komsomolets - 21 November 2001

Jose Carreras saves Bolshoi Theatre without microphone

Last night opera legend Jose Carreras and musical star Sarah Brightman gave a charity concert at Bolshoi Theatre. The proceeds from ticket sales will go on the reconstruction of the theatre. The day before tireless Carreras made it to answer our questions and to take part in a bustling high life party - opening of a jewelry boutique, which, in fact, organized his visit. First of all the tenor mentioned what a honor it is for any artist to sing on the Bolshoi stage. Then he right away stressed that he would sing without microphone (not failing to draw a parallel between himself and Sarah Brightman, who, he says, would probably not mind using one).

JC - A few days ago Sarah and I were in Tokyo. She is in very good form. What our concert is concerned, you must understand, that although Sarah Brightman's repertoire includes classical music, we are different artists. At the Bolshoi theatre I will sing without microphone, otherwise it would be an insult to such a renowned stage. Sarah will appear in the second part, and since her repertoire is intended for microphone, she will most likely use it. The third part will be more entertaining: togehter we will sing fragments from well-known musicals. Why do you not sing arias of Russian composers at the Bolshoi?

JC - I love Russian music very much. And, believe me, if I spoke Russian properly, I would sing Lenski's aria tomorrow. But all I know is "kuda-kuda"* and "Olga". Maybe some day I will arm myself with patience and learn the Russian language.

To our question if he would like to perform together with his famous compatriot Julio Iglesias, Mr. Carreras at once answered in the affirmative: "Oh, yes, he is such a wonderful singer!" But he made a reservation: "Iglesias is a fan of Real Madrid, and I support Barcelona... But we will settle this question, I think."

Karina Melkumyan

Translation Maria Kozlova

*"Where, oh, where have you gone, golden days of my youth?" - beginning of Lenski's aria from "Eugene Onegin" by Peter I. Tchaikovsky.

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